Street View Information and Help

All of the views here are from the Google website.  You can click below or on the list to the left to see them.

There is a small square box in the upper right corner of the picture.  If you click on it, you will see the picture full screen.  You can exit the full screen view by pressing the "Esc" key.

Click and hold you left mouse button. Then you can drag the picture around to see more of the neighborhood.

Double clicking the mouse button will zoom in on the picture.

Also, look in the upper left of the picture for more you can do with by clicking and/or dragging your mouse.


Links to Street Views on Google Maps

    My home in Wilderville - built in 2006

    Walking Buttons in neighborhood - 1st view

    Walking Buttons in neighborhood - 2nd view

    Home where I was raised - father built about 1938, he lived there till he died in 1979, mother was there until 1993.

    Map view of Stotts Mill Road. - named after my Grandfather who had a mill there.

    My Knightdale house - 2000-2006

    Satellite view of my home in Hollywood, MD. - I had it built in 1975. Great home on the water. Sold in 2009.


    Updated: 5/5/10